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On October 16, Beijing time, it has been nearly a week since the Los Angeles Lakers won the 17th championship in team history. At present, the entire Lakers team has returned to Los Angeles. The players are celebrating with a party, but the team’s new "crisis" Has quietly arrived.


The Lakers just won a championship and set a record, that is, they became the fifth team to win the championship without paying the luxury tax since the establishment of the luxury tax in 2003 (before that, there was 2006 The Heat of the Year, the Spurs in 2014, the Warriors in 2015 and 2017).


In the 2019-20 season, the Lakers are sitting on two top players in the league, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, as well as Howard, Rondo, Bradley, Danny Green, Morris, Kuzma, etc. In the case of role players, the team's total salary is 153.4 million, of which the current lineup accounts for only 74.62 million salaries, ranking the bottom of the league. Winning the championship with such a salary lineup is not only because of the players' abilities, but also reflects the operational ability of the team's uniform group, especially the general manager Pelinka and boss Jenny Buss. But in the new season, their problems have also come.


According to a number of American media reports, many of the main players and rotation players in the Lakers have expired or chose to opt out of their contracts to re-sign with the team. There are as many as 10 people, including the second head of the team Anthony Davis.

根据许多美国媒体的报道,湖人队的许多主要球员和轮换球员已经到期或选择退出合同与球队重新签约。多达10人,其中包括Anthony Davis队的第二名主管。

According to a report by reporter Shams Charania, Davis plans to re-sign with the Lakers after having a contract. His current contract has the final year left, as a player option, worth 28.75 million US dollars. According to the rules of the labor agreement, Davis can sign a maximum salary contract with the Lakers with a starting salary of 30%, an increase of 8%, and a maximum salary of 202 million for up to five years. According to additional reports, Davis will discuss the contract extension with his agent Rich Paul in the coming weeks. From the report, Davis is almost certain to stay on the team, but the salary increase is certain.

根据记者Shams Charania的报道,戴维斯计划在签订合同后与湖人队重新签约。他目前的合同还有最后一年,作为球员选项,价值2875万美元。根据劳资协议的规定,戴维斯可以与湖人队签订最高薪水合同,起薪为30%,增幅为8%,最高薪水为2.02亿,最多五年。根据其他报道,戴维斯将在未来几周内与他的经纪人里奇·保罗讨论续约合同。根据报告,戴维斯几乎可以肯定会留在队中,但是薪水增加是肯定的。

In addition, in terms of role players, Rondo signed a two-year $5.18 million contract with the Lakers last year, and next season's contract comes with player options. He will jump out of the player option and become a free agent. In addition to the Lakers' intention to renew, there are other teams that will be interested in Rondo and regard Rondo as a championship puzzle. The current NBA commentator Kendrick Perkins said: "Someone will give Rondo a contract of seven or eight million a year."


Pope signed a two-year 16 million contract during the offseason last year, and Pope has player options during this offseason. He also tends to jump out of his $8.5 million player option during the offseason. However, the Lakers have full bird rights to Pope, which means that the Lakers can directly renew him with a higher salary without using any special cases. From the perspective of Popper's performance and the contracts of high-quality 3D players in the league, Pope is worth at least a contract with an annual salary of 10 million.


In addition to Davis, Rondo and Pope, McGee (salary of 4 million this season) and Bradley (salary of 4.77 million this season) may also break out of the contract and become free agents, but the latter two have not yet decided whether to jump out contract.


In addition, there are five Lakers who have expired this year’s contract and became free agents, including Howard (salary of 1.62 million this season), Morris (salary of 1.75 million this season), JR Smith (basic salary this season), Di Ang Waiters (salary of 380,000 this season) and Dudley (salary of 1.62 million this season). Take Howard as an example. He signed a basic salary contract with the Lakers during the offseason last year. In this offseason, Howard was contracted. Will become a free agent when he expires. Although the Lakers and him are interested in each other, according to reporter Shams Charania, the Warriors are expected to pursue Howard in the offseason.

此外,有五名湖人队今年的合同到期,成为自由球员,包括霍华德(本赛季薪水162万),莫里斯(本赛季薪水175万),JR史密斯(本赛季底薪),迪昂服务员(本赛季38万的薪水)和达德利(本赛季162万的薪水)。以霍华德为例。去年休赛期,他与湖人队签订了基本工资合同。在这个休赛期,霍华德签约了。到期后将成为自由球员。据记者Shams Charania称,尽管湖人和他彼此感兴趣,但预计勇士会在休赛期追赶霍华德。

Based on the situation that the salary cap remains unchanged at $109 million next season, if the Lakers want to remain competitive and even defend the championship, it is inevitable to retain the main frame. Howard, Pope, Rondo, etc. who have performed well in the playoffs are all It is worth staying on the team. Although Bradley did not go with the team to the Orlando Disney Park due to family reasons, his role in the offense and defense of the Lakers in the regular season is visible to the naked eye.


In this way, the Lakers ushered in this year's offseason lineup change is inevitable, the specific result depends on the operation of Pelinka, Jenny Buss and James.


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