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In the fourth round of the Serie A Milan Derby, Inter Milan lost 1-2 at home. For the first time since the 1995/96 season, Milan has won a 4-game winning streak in the league for the first time. It is also the only 4-game winning team in Serie A this season to top the list! 4 rounds have led Inter Milan by 5 points, who is more like a championship team? After Atlanta's three-game winning streak, they lost to Naples in this round. Naples won three straight games, but they failed to play against Juventus in the last round and were sentenced to defeat.

在意甲米兰德比的第四轮比赛中,国际米兰主场1-2失利。自1995/96赛季以来,米兰第一次在联赛中首次赢得4连胜。这也是本赛季意甲唯一一支四冠王球队! 4回合以5分领先国际米兰,谁更像冠军球队?在亚特兰大的三连胜之后,他们在这一轮中输给了那不勒斯。那不勒斯赢得了三连胜,但他们在最后一轮未能与尤文图斯队比赛,被判失败。

Milan broke several penalty areas. The last time the derby won was 3-0 in January 2016. It was embarrassing to end the league derby against Suning Holdings Inter Milan. The previous 8 matches, 3 draws and 5 losses. Also ended the record of coach Conte, Conte coach had 8 wins and 3 draws against Milan. It's been almost 10 years since Milan beat Inter Milan in an away game-1-0 in November 2010, when Ibrahimovic scored the key (penalty kick). Between the two victories, Inter Milan's home derby in Serie A, Milan lost 6 and 3 tied. Inter Milan failed to tie the historical record: 10 consecutive unbeaten home games in the 1930s. Milan scored 24 consecutive league matches across the season, pursuing the 29-game streak in the 1970s.


Throughout the audience, the two teams opened five to five, and they were able to advance to the opponent's penalty area, and then there were not many opportunities to form in the penalty area, and Inter was slightly dominant. But Inter Milan’s ability to grasp is not good enough and not pragmatic. Ashraf’s unmarked dive header missed, Lukaku’s heel shot was creative but too correct, and the accuracy of the last pass was not high. At the same time, there were more fatal mistakes than Milan, Ko Larov’s two mistakes determined that Ibrahimovic had a double ring in 3 minutes, one to give points, and one to be ashamed of defense.


The fans angered Kolarov this season's new aid was reasonable and began to miss Godin. Inter Milan's defensive layout and defensive ability are indeed terrible, Dan Brosio is also very poor, he was easily wiped out by Leo and sent assists. Ashraf failed to show the expected level of strength, netizens joked: "It's just another Candreva." There are too many players absent (Nainggolan declared to be overcast, and the Champions League is expected to play), Inter Milan's bench depth can not be used, replaced by Eriksson and Sanchez are all expected by the audience and Milan.


Conte’s lack of constructive tactics and his lack of active playing style were criticized. Inter Milan Info.com gave Conte a low score of 5 points. “The first half is really a disaster exhibition. Milan always passes by 3 feet to the goal. Where is the so-called anger and fierceness? Inter Milan only has Lukaku and Barrera, nothing more, too routine." Some fans said: "Spalletti only uses one striker, which is better than Conte. There is content in the field, not as pale as it is, only resisting Milan without own ideas.

孔戴缺乏建设性的战术和缺乏积极的打球风格受到了批评。国际米兰Info.com给孔戴的得分是5分。 “上半年确实是一场灾难展览。米兰总是比目标高3英尺。所谓的愤怒和凶猛在哪里?国际米兰只有卢卡库(Lukaku)和巴雷拉(Barrera),仅此而已。”一些球迷说:“斯帕莱蒂只用一名前锋,比孔戴更好。球场上有满足感,没有那么苍白,只是没有自己的想法而抵抗米兰。

Conte defended after the game: "Milan is very strong and carry it to the end. We lack luck and patience. Don't criticize the players, we have tried our best. Barrera is better than when I played, and it is not easy for Sanchez to play. Coralo Husband? It is his ideal position to play a three-guard on the left!" Handanovic saved a penalty (Ibrahimovic made a supplementary shot), which may be the only good news for Inter. Handa made his 25th punt in Serie A, surpassing Paliuca's 24 punts and set a new record. In third place is Sassuolo goalkeeper Concilli with 19 punts.

孔戴在比赛结束后为自己辩护:“米兰人非常坚强,并且能坚持到底。我们缺乏运气和耐心。不要批评球员,我们已经尽了最大的努力。巴雷拉比我踢球时要好,这并不容易桑切斯(Sanchez)上场,科拉洛·丈夫(Coralo Husband)是他打三号后卫的理想位置!”汉达诺维奇挽救了点球(伊布拉希莫维奇补射),这可能是国际米兰唯一的好消息。汉达在意甲联赛中打入了第25个平底船,超过了帕柳卡的24个平底船,并刷新了纪录。排在第三位的是Sassuolo的门将康西利(Consilli),他有19个球。

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